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2023 Top 50 Kids Coaches

Since 2004, U.S. Kids Golf has recognised golf’s best coaches with the Top 50 Kids Coach Award. Applicants complete an online survey and winners are chosen based on a variety of factors that grade their contribution to youth golf. Considerations include, but are not limited to, experience, innovation, creativity, communication, parental engagement, organisation, devotion, and growing the game. Award recipients include coaches who work at public, private, resort, and municipal courses.

Helping the Way Golfers Move!

After taking the game up at a relatively young age I completely fell in love with it and from then on realised I wanted to have a career in it. In 2015 I got employed by my home club, West Essex & PGA professional Chris Baron. I worked as an assistant for Chris Baron for the next 8 years. I then began working for the new head professional at West Essex, Chris Payne in 2023.

So far during my years at West Essex I have been able to widen my knowledge on all aspects of the golfing industry. Club repairs, club fitting, coaching, junior development, customer service and retail to name a few!

Junior Coaching

Individual, groups and camps using the U.S. Kids Player Pathway

Over-Speed Training

Using the SuperSpeed Golf equipment, players will work through the protocols to increase club head speed

Golf Screens

Using FMS, the player will get scored on 7 different movements. From there they will receive their own programme tailored to them based off the results they generated from the screen

Qualified In

Learning has never felt so good

State-of-the-art simulators •Launch monitor data • Super-slow-mo swing analysis and more

Golf Fitness

Unlock Your True Potential With Life Coaching Services

Since I’ve been in golf it’s quite clear that the game has changed, for the better too. The players are now athletes thanks to the impact of players like Tiger Woods & Rory Mcilroy. Training and going to the gym is another love of mine so finding a way to tie this in with golf was a big thing for me and something I really enjoy doing. A field that allows me to help all levels and all ages of golfers get their body’s in better shape to perform their best golf. I do this in the TrackMan performance studio at West Essex Golf Club.