I have been a certified FMS instructor since 2018. Since then I have helped many clients by assisting them, through the use of screening to improve performance. Some of our clients include PGA Professionals and top level amateurs. However, FMS can make a huge difference to all levels of golfers and athletes.

The FMS screen is made up of 7 fundamental movements:


1. Deep Squat

2. Hurdle Step

3. Inline Lunge

4. Shoulder Mobility

5. Active Straight-Leg Raise

6. Trunk Stability Push-Up

7. Rotary Stability


Your ability to perform these movements are scored out of 0-3. The overall score is calculated and analysed to help you and your coach create the perfect program for you.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screening tool designed to identify movement disfunction.


Developed in 1997 to help understand what is the best development exercise path for an individual. It was not developed as a test but a way to find out what areas of movement need improvement.


How can FMS help me?


FMS shows your coach or trainer which of your basic movement is dysfunctional, this helps them to create a personalised plan to help you improve your game.